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Gaining insight into suicidal behaviour in Catalonia

Codi Risc is a research project on the prevention of suicidal behaviour, based on the CSRC Programme (Spanish acronym for Suicide Risk Code of Catalonia) of the Department of Health of the regional Catalan govenment.

A socially-relevant Project


The Risk Code Project studies the frequency and risk factors potentially related to suicidal behaviour, helping to enhance current insight into the phenomenin in Catalonia. The aim is to encourage the development of suicidal behaviour prevention policies based on the best scientific evidence available and, ultimately, to improve the population’s health.






CSRC Programme




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Ethical issues


What Do We Know About Suicidal Behaviour?

Suicidal behaviour is a serious public health problem and is currently one of the main causes of death and years of life lost worldwide. We know that suicidal behaviour is a complex and multifactorial phenomenon and multiple risk and protective factors have been identified. However, there is still no consensus-based explanatory framework for the risk of suicidal behaviour.


Can Suicidal Behaviour Be Prevented?

Suicidal behaviour can be prevented by comprehensive and multisectoral public health prevention programmes, ie, those including multiple intervention strategies and with the involvement of various relevant stakeholders (for example, health and education sectors, the media). In the last few years, several countries have designed national and local prevention programmes. However, there are few rigorous studies assessing their (cost)-effectiveness and providing clinical and epidemiological information that could help to reduce this phenomenon.

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